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Recreational Adult-use marijuana was made legal in New York withThe Marihuana Regulation & Taxation Act (MRTA) in 2021. DeliveryBudz connects you with State Licensed Dispensaries, whose products are subject to lab testing and other New York State quality controls and requirements.

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What our customers say about us

Our customers drive our product. We're extremely proud to serve them.

"The gentleman who delivered was extremely nice and the communication throughout the delivery process was great. I typically had bought from bodegas but it wasn't cutting it in terms of price to quality. The customer service so far has been miles above any similar service I've used in the past. I will definitely be using DeliveryBudz again, and will recommend it to my friends."

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Omid, Williamsburg, (via SMS Text)

"I loved the app. You guys had the best info about the weed. Love the vibes it’s clear you really care and I appreciate it! You should be really proud of the type of owner and biz you’re running!!!"

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Alyssa K, (via SMS text)

"The real deal. Signed up and received an order in around an hour. A1 customer service 10/10!"

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Naptown Sneakerhead, (via AppStore)

"The experience was great, thank you!"

Courtney, Manhattan

Courtney, Manhattan, (via Email)

"‘It was pretty smooth overall. If you need me to test out new products hit me up anytime :) "

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Ben, Greenpoint, (via Email)

"Great customer service! Will return."

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Christian, Manhattan, (via DeliveryBudz in-App Reviews)

"Great delivery & quality items!"

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Firat P., Manhattan, (via DeliveryBudz in-App Reviews)


Our support is active 24/7, but sometimes people have similar questions. Here are few. 🔥

Where are you located?
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We service New Yorkers, but don't have a physical location. We help Licensed Dispensaries provide the best delivery experience for their customer. Similar to UberEats, except it's Cannabis that gets delivered.

How do I become a Driver?
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Please enter your email on the page above and click "Join Our Fleet".

How long do orders take to get delivered?
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We aim to deliver every order in under 40 minutes. Unlike food, Cannabis orders are not cooked or prepared on the spot. Thus, we can usually get your order to you faster!

How can I join the team at DeliveryBudz?
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Email us at


Learn and enjoy.

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